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Current Status : Shalom in Yeshua Messiah

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    No But Really Want To
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    Trying to figure it out?
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  • About Me:
    I am working as an assistant professor in an Engineering college in India. I came to Christ in a vision which I had in 2000 when I was 13 . I have heard the voice, 'do you know Christ?' seeing with a plant growing from the river bed. It really changed my life. Father gave me a lot of grace in my studies. I have completed my masters in medical system engineering from Germany in the year 2013 and completed the bachelors in technology in 2009 from India. In Germany, I got an awesome opportunity to learn more about Israel and Torah. I came to know more about Jewish Messiah and Israel especially about Jerusalem. I publish videos in YouTube about Messianic Kingdom and One true God. I have a deep respect towards Jewish people who carried their heritage even in the distressing time. I pray for Jerusalem everyday with Psalm 122. According to Zechariah the prophet, I know one day His feet shall stand on Mount of Olives. I believe His Kingdom is a social, political, economical and spiritual reformation which would soon occur in our planet. I believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. I use Complete Jewish Bible which would give me a connection with Jewish heritage. Enoch (Hanokh), David, Joseph in old testament are heroes.My email ID:
  • My Match:
    Relationship with GOD our Father is above everything else..I believe if anyone has a relationship with Father, that person would be able to lead an awesome life. - According to Psalm 27:4, I am lookin
  • My Sabbath Day:
    I preach His Kingdom just Paul has done.So I utilize every single day. I respect Sabbath on Saturday.
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  • My Interests:
    Studying Torah, Knowing more about Hebrew roots, Israel music especially Harp
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